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Danny & Gerry

Frequently asked questions

What is Our English?

Our English is a course for children aged 3.5 to 10, where we teach the children English in a playful way. Our goal is to have the children using English as a second mother tongue. We build their English understanding using games, activities, and songs. By using this teaching method, we give them confidence in speaking English, and a lot of enjoyment. The course should have very little similarities to school.

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How often does it take place?

We teach one hour (50 minutes) once a week (30 lessons/year). This lessons take place between September and June. There are no summer courses.

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How do groups form?

The group size should be between 7 and 10 children. They shouldn't be more than 2 years of age apart. (4-6, 5-7, etc.). Should the course be arranged by a parent, we would reimburse the parent the net course fee as a provision. This only applies if there are more than 7 children in the group. The parent is then responsible for arranging an area for the group to take place. (home, community hall, etc.). The area should be heated, have a WC available, and should be no less than 20 squaremeters.

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What material do we use?

We have a set program which we use, but the way it is taught is determined by the children. We adjust ourselves to their learning speed. We use flashcards, playcards, and song cassettes ( MORE OF OUR SONGS and OUR DAY OUT ) that we've created ourselves or collected over the last decades.

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If you have any further questions...

...simply mail directly to us - we would love to answer them:

Danny: danny@our-music.com
Gerry: gerry@our-music.com

Danny and Gerry Smile!
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