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Danny & Gerry

Frequently asked questions

What is Our English?

Our English is a course for children aged 3.5 to 10, where we teach the children English in a playful way. Our goal is to have the children using English as a second mother tongue. We build their English understanding using games, activities, and songs. By using this teaching method, we give them confidence in speaking English, and a lot of enjoyment. The course should have very little similarities to school.

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How often does it take place?

We teach one hour (50 minutes) once a week (30 lessons/year). This lessons take place between September and June. There are no summer courses.

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How do groups form?

The group size should be between 7 and 10 children. They shouldn't be more than 2 years of age apart. (4-6, 5-7, etc.). Should the course be arranged by a parent, we would reimburse the parent the net course fee as a provision. This only applies if there are more than 7 children in the group. The parent is then responsible for arranging an area for the group to take place. (home, community hall, etc.). The area should be heated, have a WC available, and should be no less than 20 squaremeters.

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What material do we use?

We have a set program which we use, but the way it is taught is determined by the children. We adjust ourselves to their learning speed. We use flashcards, playcards, and song cassettes ( MORE OF OUR SONGS and OUR DAY OUT ) that we've created ourselves or collected over the last decades.

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If you have any further questions...

...simply mail directly to us - we would love to answer them:

Danny: danny@our-music.com
Gerry: gerry@our-music.com

Danny and Gerry Smile!
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Our Dance Party
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Riddle 22
What has four legs but cannot walk?
Riddle 11
This thing all things devours.
Birds, beasts, trees and flowers.
Gnaws iron, bites steal,
grinds hard stone to meal.
Slays kings, ruins town,
and beats the highest mountain down