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Danny & Gerry

Our First Songs - overview

Our First Songs

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The third CD from Danny & Gerry is here! In November 2001 we released "Our First Songs", a CD with songs for children in the age of 3 to 11 years.

Our new product consists of 12 English songs and an audio story. Enclosed is a full-coloured booklet which includes all the lyrics and the complete story. As with More Of Our Songs and Our Day Out all the illustrations were done by Sheena Machotka. These songs have been tested in our English learning courses for children, Our-English.

Soon there will be a teacher's kit available for Our Day Out to enhance the learning aspect of our production. You will find more information on the teacher's kit here once it's ready. You can always have a look at the teacher´s kit for More Of Our Songs by following the link, though.

These are the songs:
Beetles Everywhere
Splish Splasp Splosh
I Dance With My Fingers
Seven Days
Our Picnic
Elephant Song
Spooky Spooky Spooky
Where Is Mary?
Counting Song
Opposite Song
My Friends In The Band

...and there is an audio story included: The Summerchild


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