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Danny & Gerry

Teachers corner
Frequently asked questions

Why did we produce MORE OF OUR SONGS?

We created MORE OF OUR SONGS for many reasons. One of our main goals was to write children's music that would be fun, interesting and enjoyable for children to listen to. Through our teaching experience with children, we discovered that melody is in itself a teaching tool that is very useful. For example, an English phrase is easier to learn if there is a happy melody to accompany it. If you compare the speed at which the children learn, when using music, and when not using music (monotone speech), we are sure you will discover that the difference is great. If the songs are boring the children won't enjoy it as much, and the teacher will have more difficulty teaching.

Each of the songs on MORE OF OUR SONGS have a pedagogical underline. The songs teach grammar structure, and vocabulary in a passive way. If the songs are listened to and sung often, the English language is learned indirectly. Even if the children don't understand what they are singing in English in the beginning, the pronunciation will still be learned.

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Why did we make the teachers kit?

Simple: We want to create a product that can be used and enjoyed by both child and adult (teacher). What better way then to extend our product with a handbook, which is full of practical game, activity and worksheet ideas and teaching tips. We can offer a complete TPR and interactive learning system, which will assure the user confidence and success right from the start. It would be a shame to keep that a secret.

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Where do we get our understanding of teaching children?

We have been teaching English to children, between the ages of 3 and 13, for many years now. This has given us the opportunity to discover and test new ways of teaching a foreign language. We have taught English to German, Slovakian, French, Hungarian, and Japanese children throughout the world using the techniques that we have learned. The root of many of our ideas stem from the children themselves. We have simply adapted and improved them. When we return them to the children in a class we complete the teaching circle. The children learn from us, and we learn from them.

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How did we come to producing English songs and material?

At one point in time we suddenly realised that there were few quality songs that could assist us in our teaching. We believe that many of the songs that exist are outdated, and haven't been written especially to teach English. We decided to write our own style of children songs, and as we were teaching children on a regular basis, we had the chance to test out all of our song ideas on the children. They, in end effect, chose the songs that we recorded for MORE OF OUR SONGS. Naturally we wouldn't put a song on a production, if we knew that the children wouldn't like it.

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What has been the reaction so far?

The reaction has exceeded our expectations by far. We have been invited to perform concerts in kindergartens, elementary schools, and even high schools (see the concert archive). The songs are already being used by teachers with great success and the feedback has been overwhelming. The songs have even picked up radio play. We suggest that you have a listen yourself, and let us know what you think.

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If you have any further questions...

...simply mail directly to Danny or Gerry - we would love to answer them:

Danny: danny@our-music.com
Gerry: gerry@our-music.com

Danny and Gerry Smile!
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