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Danny & Gerry

Free ringtones by Danny & Gerry

We have prepared some free MP3 ringtones for your mobile phone: if your phone is capable of using MP3 files as a ringtone you can use one of the following for free:

1Danny and Gerry - Mosquito Dance ringtone22 sec.128 kBit/s360,699 bytes download
2Danny and Gerry - Our Music Radio ringtone4 sec.128 kBit/s79,039 bytes download
3Danny and Gerry - I Spy 1 ringtone17 sec.128 kBit/s270,002 bytes download
4Danny and Gerry - I Spy 2 ringtone9 sec.128 kBit/s144,614 bytes download
5Danny and Gerry - Can You Boogie ringtone22 sec.128 kBit/s352,758 bytes download
6Danny and Gerry - Echo And Me16 sec.128 kBit/s259,791 bytes download
7Danny and Gerry - Echo And Me 27 sec.128 kBit/s117,177 bytes download
8Danny and Gerry - Groovy Shuffle7 sec.128 kBit/s113,841 bytes download
9Danny and Gerry - Mountain Troll ringtone21 sec.128 kBit/s343,144 bytes download
10Danny and Gerry - Six Little Chickens ringtone20 sec.128 kBit/s321,829 bytes download
11Danny and Gerry - Tick Tock ringtone14 sec.128 kBit/s229,504 bytes download
12Danny and Gerry - XMAS Christmas in Dangerland 11 sec.128 kBit/s171,781 bytes download
13Danny and Gerry - XMAS It Must Be Christmas ringtone17 sec.128 kBit/s280,077 bytes download
14Danny and Gerry - XMAS Santas Everywhere20 sec.128 kBit/s314,723 bytes download
15Danny and Gerry - XMAS We Love Christmas17 sec.128 kBit/s279,197 bytes download
16Danny and Gerry HALLOWEEN - Ghosts and Ghouls ringtone6 sec.128 kBit/s101,982 bytes download
17Danny and Gerry HALLOWEEN - Halloween Boogie ringtone21 sec.128 kBit/s336,875 bytes download
18Danny and Gerry HALLOWEEN - Halloween Party ringtone16 sec.128 kBit/s265,822 bytes download
19Danny and Gerry HALLOWEEN - It is Halloween ringtone11 sec.128 kBit/s177,215 bytes download
20Danny and Gerry HALLOWEEN - Spooky Spooky Spooky ringtone21 sec.128 kBit/s342,309 bytes download

Enjoy your new ringtones from Danny & Gerry!

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More Of Our Songs 20/20
The newest CD from Danny & Gerry is here: More Of Our Songs 20/20. See more information on our homepage and get your copy through our online shopping service.
Danny & Gerry - More Of Our Songs 20/20
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