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Danny & Gerry

Our Christmas Songs

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Danny & Gerry
Our Christmas Songs

Santa Claus is missing! Where is he? Will he be back before Christmas? So many questions...

Danny & Gerry introduce 5 Christmas songs on their new Maxi CD "Our Christmas Songs". Here is the complete contents of our CD. Click on the song titles to see the lyrics. Click on "Audioclip" to hear an audio clip of that song (MP3 required; see Info on audioclips for more information):

#Title (Click = lyrics)LengthDescriptionAudioclip
1.Watch Out Santa0:25Introduction -
2. Santa's Everywhere 2:57You can find Santa almost everywhere - even on your belly button :) Click to listen to the audio clip (MP3 required)
3. It Must Be Christmas 2:19Can you smell it, the needles from the Christmas trees? Click to listen to the audio clip (MP3 required)
4. I Love Christmas 2:46Do you love Christmas? Well, Danny & Gerry do. Click to listen to the audio clip (MP3 required)
5. Where Is Santa? 2:17Santa is missing - what a mess. But Danny & Gerry know where he is! Click to listen to the audio clip (MP3 required)
6. Christmas In Dangerland 3:14Yes boys and girls, there is Christmas in Dan(ny)ger(ry)land, too. Click to listen to the audio clip (MP3 required)
7.Newsflash1:14Now you can even hear it on the radio: Santa is missing. What will Danny and Gerry do? -

Gerry Christmas and a Danny New Year
(click to hear)

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